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Luniara Commission Prices 2015 by luniara

Bust Sketch: $10
Bust Inked: $20
Bust CG: $30

Waist Sketch: $15
Waist Inked: $30
Waist CG: $60

Full Sketch: $25
Full Inked: $40
Full CG Cell Shaded: $70
Full CG Soft Shaded: $100

Additional Characters:
CG: +$15
Inked: +$10
Sketch: +$5

*Text Descriptions (no image references): +$5
Erotic Art (Hentai): +$20.00
Full backgrounds: +$20.00
Partial backgrounds: $10.00
Shipping: US $5.00 International $8.00

* Characters without visual references. This leaves the interpretation of the character to the artist by reading text, thus I am doing some of the design work myself.

OC, Fandom, furries/anthro

Hardcore Fetish (inflation, prego, gore, vore, etc.)

Note/Ask/Fan Mail or email me at Mel dot Chafe at gmail dot com with the following:

1. If emailing or sending a note on DA, the subject line should read “Commission Request”
2. Please state which type of commission you would like (the styles listed above).
3. Include your references.
4. Include your DeviantART or Tumblr name and the email your payment will be coming from.

I will respond with confirmation and a contact/paypal email address.

Please leave your DA username.
Any other inquiries, please note me.


• All art is copyright to me under copyright protection laws automatically upon creation of work. I retain the rights to use artwork in portfolios and print work.

• Please be sure to respect my personal time and daily work cycle as I already work as a professional artist as a day job.

• Artwork may be submitted to your DA, or any other web-sites as long as credit is given and link provided back to my site. My signature must remain on the artwork.

• Yes. Yes I DO furries, dragons, etc.

• You retain ALL rights over any personal original characters illustrated.

• Any adult artwork requested must be accompanied with some sort of consent that you are 18 or older, or have permission from a parent.

• Commissions with deadlines, or payed rush orders take reign over any commission.

Work List


✔ Paid ✘ Unpaid
● Sketching
●● Lining
●●● Colouring

Caraig ✔●
dreamex2 ✔ (Changing order?)
Minali & Pike ✔●

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Livestream Schedule: 9/10 around 5pm EST

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 30, 2016, 7:46 AM
My yearly annual 9/11 tribute piece's livestream will take place Saturday, 9/10 around 5pm EST. While I may be working on it in the days leading up to the 10th, I will make seperate posts. These streams every year typically last until 3am, given my pregnancy, I'm uncertain how things will be for me. Any company would be appriciated. <3 I know a lot of ppl look forward to this particular piece to watch it unfold.

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x_. NY.Rangers Stamp ._x by Breeto:thumb79533084:My own by luniara:iconentervoid:


Mellanie C.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: South Florida
Operating System: Windows XP, MAC
Tools of trade: .03 Drafting Mechanical Pencil, Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet


I Know You're There by luniara
I Know You're There
It's really hard to think of what to say this year. This week I've been okay, believe it or not. Perhaps once or twice I caught my eyes tearing up at a song that makes me think of my sister or a 9/11 facebook post or news article where people practiced ignorance caused me to fume BUT...I am okay.

For those unaware, I am now 8 months pregnant. It is my first baby. While I had been hoping it was going to be a girl so I can name her after my sister, I feel in my heart that she'd still be proud of me (and of course, I will still love my boy). I had thought "Oh, I'm pregnant, I'm going to be SUUUUPER emotional". Maybe I'm too tired or achey to focus on it or maybe my trip to New York last year really did give me closure. Hey, it could be my impending motherhood that helps as well. I know that helped my big brother.  It goes without saying that 15 years and a pregnancy doesn't make me miss my sister any less. I'll always cringe at the very sight of the towers. I'll always get mad when someone goes "WAKE UP, 9/11 was an inside job" or says a variety of other stupid things you can say around a 9/11 family member. I keep hearing this year is the first year where school will teach 9/11 as a part of history or something. It angers me a tad, maybe even makes me jealous I can't shrug it off as easy as that.

This week, I was actually worried I wouldn't get the desire to work on this piece. There was almost a discussion that maybe I didn't NEED to finish it at all. I think this year is less about splashing my emotions on a canvas and more about honoring my sister and her memory. I think that's a good thing. Who knows, maybe it'll change next year when I have my little boy and my life is in a different direction. A part of me hopes I can continue to do this. It's a nice testament. While this year people will sit and reflect "Wow, 15 years, my gooooosh" and next year they won't bat an eye until the 20th year rolls around - I'll be able to remind folks with pieces like this and if only for a moment, you'll know who my sister was and all the others that were lost. It's a good way to keep their memories alive.

I'm sorry this isnt my usual emotional description. I admit, I had good company keeping my spirits up and my husband, as always, is there to catch me when I begin to crack. Tomorrow I am meeting with my mom and bringing flowers to the cemetery. She'll actually be speaking at a ceremony later in the evening, which I am super proud of her for doing. I hope she does well, that's for sure.

Anyways, this year, my technique surprised me. While usually I print out a blue digital sketch and clean it up with pencil to scan it in, I went full digital. The line work really pleased me. I almost was tempted to keep it black and white because of how intense it looked. I wanted to incorporate a lot of gold but also stay with my usual brown/earthy pattern I use every year. I used gold foil texture for the background to really make the center figure pop. Like last year, I incorporated a variety of flowers that symbolize different things. Sunflowers, which were my sister's favorite. Babies breath for everlasting love and innocence, primrose for renewal (new baby) and of course, the white rose for purity. Aside from the primrose, it's a similar bouquet I get made up to be placed at the cemetery.  I enjoyed working out the little details of the piece. It kept my mind focused and tamed my emotions a lot. 

If you'd like a few close up of the details, you can see them here:……

As always, I truly appreciate the support through the years, especially from those of you who come around just to visit my page for this particular piece. In a way, I think I do this for you too.  

If you've reached this far of my description, please take a moment to think of the lives lost and remember them.


To see my previous years for my 9/11 pieces:

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My sister:………
Finished early this year. Thank you to everyone who came out to keep me company on the livestream. <3 
Back to work on my annual 9/11 drawing. Went to my 2 year old nephew's birthday party, took a nap and now I'm ready to go to push this out until its done tonight. Please feel free to come keep me company.
I don't think I can pull it off this year. =(  Pregnant + Working + OBLIGATED to go to a 2 year old birthday party? I'm so exhausted...

If offered as a preorder upon my webcomic pilot, would you be interested in purchasing a resin statue of Lune (OC, main character, mascot)? 

20 deviants said I would depending on the price.
19 deviants said Maybe?
11 deviants said Yes!
8 deviants said No.




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